Condominium and Subdivision Development


Project set up:

  1. land acquisition;
  2. corporate structuring, including use of limited partnerships and joint ventures;
  3. assess Tarion’s and HCRA’s applicability to project;
  4. advice on type of development, including:
    1. freehold projects;
      1. subdivisions, and
      2. division of land pursuant to a part lot control exemption bylaw or consent.
    2. condominium projects;
      1. standard condominiums, including modifying unit boundaries and phasing,
      2. vacant land condominiums,
      3. common element condominiums,
      4. condominium conversions, and
      5. leasehold condominiums.
  5. prepare purchase agreements and disclosure documents (if required pursuant to the Condominium Act).


  1. acquisition financing,
  2. construction financing,
  3. registering security relation to Tarion bonds;
  4. excess condominium deposit insurance;
  5. acting as escrow agent for purchaser deposits.

Assisting with development process:

  1. complete application for land titles absolute;
  2. review site plan agreements and other development agreements;
  3. clearing conditions of draft approval (condominium/subdivision);
  4. negotiate and register easements;
  5. register condominium/subdivision;
  6. complete sales (Unit/Lot/Block); and
  7. assist with the Turnover Meeting (for condominiums).

Specialty Agreements

  1. cost sharing agreements (municipal and private); and
  2. brownfield redevelopments; 


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