Who We Are

We are condominium and subdivision development lawyers.

Robson Carpenter was founded upon the values of mutual respect, trust, and commitment to our clients. Over the years we have built a reputation for excellence that continues to this day.

We understand that the complexities of the law can be overwhelming and we work with our clients to navigate the challenges and see them through to their end goals. How we do it is plain and simple – we don’t try to be anything we’re not and we never overcomplicate matters. Instead, we aim to simplify a client’s matter. Whether a client is looking for end-to-end development services or condominium management law, we have the knowledge to provide expert guidance and robust solutions to all your needs. We don’t try to be all things to all clients. Instead, we continue to be focused on an area of law that we know better than anyone.

What we do

Small Firm. Big Ideas.

We’re a boutique law firm located in Ayr, Ontario. We are focused and we are specialized in everything related to condominium and subdivision development law. We advise and represent clients all across Ontario. No matter where you are, we will make ourselves available. Located minutes off the 401 and just West of Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge, our Ayr location keeps us accessible yet able to keep a low overhead which we pass along to our clients through reasonable hourly rates.

At Robson Carpenter, we have the resources in place to ensure that the appropriate team member handles each matter. We don’t just talk about being a “team”, we are one. We ensure that each part of a client’s file is handled by the lawyer or clerk with the appropriate level of experience. This improves our efficiency and saves you money. From our billing structure to our service standards – our focus is on providing clients with the best possible experience.

Meet our team

The Robson Carpenter difference.

  • We decided to be a "boutique" firm

    Unlike many law firms, we don’t try to be all things to all clients. Instead, we have made the choice to build our experience and talent in specific and complimentary practice areas and provide our clients with an exceptional quality of legal service in those areas.
  • The little things save you money

    With us, if something only takes a couple of minutes, our clients are only charged for a couple of minutes. We bill our time in increments of approximately 1 minute and 12 seconds (as close to "by-the-minute" as our software allows). The vast majority of firms bill their time in 6 minute (1/10th of an hour) increments.
  • Being in a small town is good for us - and you

    We have made the decision to base our firm in Ayr, Ontario – just a few minutes off the 401 and just West of Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge. Our location is accessible but gives us the opportunity to maintain a comparatively low overhead, which is passed on to our clients through lower hourly rates.
  • We are not at all “small town”

    All of our lawyers have practiced with larger firms (in Kitchener and Toronto) and there is nothing “small town” about the nature or quality of the legal services we provide to our clients. We are simply able to offer the same great service as before but with more flexibility and at better rates.
  • Wherever you are – we are there for you

    We advise and represent clients right across Ontario. We have many valued clients in the Waterloo Region but, at any given time, we are also assisting clients located in places as far away as Ottawa-Kingston, Thunder Bay, Welland, and Windsor, to name a few. For clients outside of our local calling area, we offer a toll-free number and don’t pass along our long distance telephone charges for out-going calls – calls don’t cost our clients any more than if we were right around the corner.
  • Our staff is essential

    We have exceptional staff, many of whom worked with one or more of our lawyers at other firms and left those firms to continue working with the lawyers at our firm. Their loyalty and excellent experience provides us with the necessary support we need to service our clients at a very high level. Attracting and retaining high-quality and talented staff and lawyers requires that we offer an exciting future and an excellent place to work. So we do.
  • We are a team

    We don’t just talk about a “team”, we are one. We ensure that each part of your file is handled by the lawyer or clerk with the appropriate level of experience. You don’t pay for the senior partner to do work that can be done by a clerk at a lower rate. This improves our efficiency and saves you money.

  • Technology counts

    We have adopted and embraced all of the software and hardware that one would expect to see in a large, downtown Toronto law firm. At the same time, we don’t increase our overhead by buying technology for the sake of technology – we seek out technology that makes us more efficient and that allows us to improve the service we provide.