Condominium Management


General Advice

  1. providing opinions on the Condominium Act, 1998, and other legislation applicable to condominiums, such as the Human Rights Code.   
  2. interpreting declarations, by-laws and rules and providing opinions on same, including frequently opinions on repair and maintenance issues.
  3. drafting new declarations, by-laws and rules or amendments thereto
  4. drafting, reviewing or negotiating agreements, including section 98 agreements, telecommunications agreements, management contracts, and loan documents
  5. chairing meetings of the owners, including annual general meetings, requisitioned meetings, and other special meetings
  6. assisting with shared facilities disputes, negotiations, and drafting new agreements
  7. explaining the unique features of the various types of condominiums, including standard, phased, vacant land, common elements, and leasehold condominiums
  8. providing guidance throughout complex condominium legal issues, including amalgamations, terminations, and expropriations

Compliance & Litigation

  1. assisting with the enforcement of the Condominium Act, 1998 and the declaration, by-laws and rules against owners, tenants, and others.
  2. representing condominiums and owners at mediations, arbitrations, court, and tribunal processes, including the Condominium Authority Tribunal.


  1. assistance with the collection of common expenses owing by owners to condominiums, including chargebacks and monthly arrears
  2. preparing notices of liens, liens, and discharges of liens.
  3. collecting arrears using attornments of rent.
  4. power of sale or foreclosure actions to collect arrears from owners

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