A No-Nuisance CAT – Expanding the Condominium Authority Tribunal’s Jurisdiction to Include Nuisance-Related Disputes

Being a relative newcomer, the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) has had a limited scope of jurisdiction since beginning its operations in November of 2017. As of January 1st, 2022 the CAT will have jurisdiction to hear a wider array of disputes related to nuisance with the new changes to section 117(2) of the Condominium Act.  
First, amendments to O. Reg. 48/01 sets out a list of prescribed nuisances, annoyances, or disruptions for the purposes of the new clause 117(2)(b) of the Condominium Act, as discussed below. This list will allow the CAT to hear cases on the following if they are unreasonable: Odour; Smoke; Vapour; Light; and Vibration. 

Second, it will also allow for the CAT’s jurisdiction on provisions in a condo’s governing documents to prohibit, restrict, or otherwise govern, the activities described in subsection 117(2) of the Condo Act or in O. Reg. 48/01, for any other type of nuisance, annoyance, or disruption to individuals in a condo corporation. 

Lastly, it will allow for the CAT to hear matters related to the indemnification of the corporation and owners in these sorts of disputes. 

With this widening of jurisdiction for the CAT comes changes to section 117 which deal with potentially dangerous conditions and activities within the units or the common elements of a condo, as well as trying to tackle these issues of nuisance. The changes to 117 set out the prohibitions against: 

  1. causing, through an act or omission, conditions or activities in the condominium units, common elements or assets that are likely to damage the property or the assets or cause an injury or an illness to an individual; 
  2. carrying on or permitting activities in the units, common elements, or assets if the activity(ies) results in the creation or the continuation of; 
    (a) any unreasonable noise that is a nuisance, annoyance or disruption to an individual in a unit, the common elements or the assets or; 
    (b) any other prescribed nuisance, annoyance or disruption to an individual in a unit, the common elements or the assets.