Least Popular Posts of 2014

Earlier this week I posted the top five most popular posts of the year.  Today, I'll post the least popular. Why would I do that?  Well, I've always been a curious person. I'm sure some of you are the same. If I only post the most popular list it only tells half of the story. The list of least popular also helps me determine which topics to avoid in the future. For you curious folks, here is a list of the least popular posts: 5.  Condo Act Reform - #2 financial management: fraud 4.  Reader feedback Q & A 3.  Condo Act Reform - #2 financial management: educating and informing owners 2.  Part 2: declarant ousts board using majority ownership 1.  Tax assessments for units You are apparently not interested in the proposed changes to the Condominium Act, at least not those dealing with financial management. Noted.