Fair Taxes - Guelph Condo Residents

To any Guelph condo owners and residents, you need to lend your voice (or even just be a face in the audience) at some upcoming City meetings to help get the condos in the Guelph community better services for the taxes paid. I give thanks to Ted Pritchard, the chair of the Fair Taxes Campaign - Guelph, for informing condo owners (including me) of the upcoming dates. Wednesday, November 22, 2017, at 6 p.m. This is the 2018 Tax Supported Operating Budget meeting where Council will hear from members of the public. As you may know, staff recommendations for the budget include 2 front-end loader trucks for Council to consider. The cost is about $600,000.00 to buy the two trucks and dumpsters for a single route over a week and provide the driver for one year. While this is a great improvement for apartments and condo high-rises with the large dumpsters, it does nothing to help townhouse condos who can't receive collection with the traditional trucks for various reasons (i.e. internal roads are too narrow, nowhere to store the carts). The deadline to be a delegate for this meeting has passed, but you can still show support by attending and supporting the other delegates. That's what I plan on doing as I was unexpectedly out of the office this week with a personal matter and missed the deadline to register as a delegate. Tuesday, December 5, 2017. This meeting will include the vote on the 2018 Budget. It may be harder for Councillors to vote against the new trucks if the gallery is full of condo owners supporting the purchase. Bring your neighbour, one of your directors, your property manager, or any other interested condo owner! I hope to see you there.