End of Year Recap: Top Posts of 2018

It is that time of year again: time to reflect on the most popular posts of 2018. Just like last year, I expected that this year's hot topics (cannabis, electric vehicles, and the amendments to the Act) would dominate the list, but that was not the case with one exception (you'll need to keep reading to find out what it is). Interestingly, one of the top five posts was also on the list in 2017 and 2016. Can you guess the topic?5.  Making Entry to a Unit  This post is one of our most popular of all time! It made the top five in 2017 and 2016 when it was third and fifth respectively. This post from 2014 described the requirements for making entry to a unit or exclusive use common elements: reasonable notice; at a reasonable time; and for purposes related to the objects and duties of the corporation. Will it make the list again next year? 4. Soliciting Proxies: What's Changed? This post from 2018 is fourth on our list. It describes the new limits on managers in relation to proxies. Can managers distribute proxies? Collect them? Go door-to-door to ask owners sign? What if the proxy is only for quorum purposes? You should enjoy this post if you don't know the new rules on proxy solicitation by managers. 3. Do You Need A Section 98 Agreement? This post from February 2017 is another oldie but a goodie. It described a popular issue for many condominiums - the requirements for owners making changes to the common elements. In addition to the specific requirements of section 98 of the Act, the post described some of the most common errors and issues when it comes to the application of section 98. It also highlighted some of the anticipated changes to section 98 covered in the amendments to the Act, but these are not yet in force. 2. What Is a Section 98 Agreement? Interestingly, our second most popular post of the year was a follow-up to number three on the list. It was published a mere two days later. Whereas the previous post discussed the requirements of section 98 more generally, this post addressed the agreement itself. Whatever you call it, indemnity agreement, section 98 agreement, alteration agreement, it must comply with the requirements of the Act and regulations. This post also described the different types of agreements - single unit and group/bulk agreements - and some of the pros and cons of each type. And drum roll please. The most popular post of the year was... Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Pexels.com 1.  Marijuana in Condos Unless you have been living in a hole this year, this is the least surprising entry on our list. Cannabis has been EVERYWHERE this year as traditional news outlets even ran stories about cannabis in condos (remember the cannabis allergy story?). I don't recall a topic in recent years that caused as much anxiety as cannabis in condos, especially in the last two or three months before it became legal on October 17, 2018. And we aren't done yet! What's next for condos when it comes to cannabis? If you need a hint you should read Justin Black's post on cannabis considerations for commercial condos. Stay tuned for more end of year recap posts.