End of Year Recap: Most Popular Posts

As the end of the year approaches, I like to look back at the lessons that I've learned (both in my personal and professional life). Over the next two weeks, I'll share some of those lessons with you. For now, I thought that I'd share the most popular posts of 2016. Surprisingly, none of this year's most popular posts were actually written in 2016. 5. Making Entry to a Unit An oldie, but a goodie. This post from 2014 describes the requirements for making entry to a unit or exclusive use common elements: reasonable notice; at a reasonable time; and for purposes related to the objects and duties of the corporation. 4. Single Family Use Also from 2014, this post describes a few court cases about single family use restrictions and provides tips for enforcing single family use clauses if they haven't been enforced in several years. 3. What's that Smell? Smoke and Odours in Condominiums Another post from 2014, this post is about smoking and odours in condominiums, nuisance clauses, and specific prohibitions or restrictions on smoking. 2. Condominium Fines & Chargebacks From 2013, this post has been a favourite for three years! Unfortunately, I think this post is so popular because many condominiums threaten liens and chargebacks where there is no legal authority for them to do so. The amendments to the Act make it very clear that fines are not permitted and chargebacks only in limited circumstances. It will be interesting to see if this post continues to be popular in future years once the amendments are in place. 1. We want to remove the board because we want to fire the manager This post, from 2015, came about after I attended a couple of meetings within the span of a week or two where the owners wanted to requisition a meeting to remove the board so they could get rid of the manager. The post describes the process for requisitioning a meeting to remove the board, but it also provides practical advice for owners, boards, and managers when requisitions are made by the owners to remove the board. If you have any ideas for posts, or if you'd like me to revisit any issues written about in the past, let me know!