Condo Stats - Toronto & Area

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about stats on condos in the areas covered by the Golden Horseshoe and Grand River chapters of CCI. I've looked up the stats for the Toronto and area chapter. I've included the numbers for Toronto, York, Peel and Durham since most members of CCI Toronto appear to be located in one of these areas. The numbers are interesting (spoiler: it isn't all the megatowers you might expect).    As of August 8, 2017, Toronto has 2602 condominium corporations! The last one registered had only 138 units. York has 1240 condominium corporations, followed by Peel with 1021. York's last registration was an 18 unit condo while Peel's was a 23 unit condo. Durham might be the smallest in terms of the number of condos, but it might have the had the greatest growth in recent years. Durham now has 285 condominium corporations. The last registration was an 8 unit condo. I'll admit that I was a bit surprised by these numbers. I expected more of the large 500+ unit condos, especially in Toronto and Peel. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised by the numbers since most of my clients in the GTA are smaller condos constructed between the big ones, converted from other uses (i.e. existing heritage buildings), or high-end condos with larger square footages (and thus a smaller number of units). Let me know if there are any other areas that you are curious about and I’ll write about them in a future post.