Lee Garrett



Lee has a life-long passion for understanding how complex rules interlock. In practice, he leverages that knowledge to provide clients with elegant solutions, tailored to their needs.

 In his condominium management work he assists clients in all areas of their business. He encourages alternative dispute resolution, where appropriate, as a cost-effective option to resolve conflict between stakeholders.

 In his development work, Lee breaks down any legal issues that arise into clear and straightforward answers for his clients. His colleagues know he is always willing to help interpret a new piece of legislation or case law (even the dreaded rule against perpetuities).

 In his spare time, Lee uses his love of rules in playing board games, table-top roleplaying games, and cards. He is usually found in the kitchen, using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients to bring out the flavours of the area. His main hobby seems to be picking up new hobbies.


  • Carleton University, BA (Hons.) in Legal Studies (Concentration in Business Law), 2015
  • Carleton University, MA in Legal Studies – Upon Thesis Defence
  • Queen’s University, JD, 2021