Gregory Carpenter

In Memoriam




We lost a mentor and a friend with Greg’s death in 2023.

Craig Robson invited Greg Carpenter, to co-found Robson Carpenter LLP in 2006.

Greg started with Ross & Robinson in Hamilton when called to the bar in 1969, was a partner with Simmers, Edwards, Jenkins and subsequently Gowlings. He was Vice-President and Legal-Counsel Real Estate for Equitable Life after which he joined Craig at McCarter, Grespan, Robson. Even though he and Craig were initially in competing law firms, they never "cut each other's grass" out of mutual respect. Subsequently, Craig asked Greg to form their partnership Robson Carpenter LLP and move to Ayr, Ontario.

Greg was the first Waterloo Region lawyer to specialize in condominium development law. He understood the nuances of the legislation and more importantly how to apply the legislation to a project in an intelligent and practical manner.

Greg always made it clear that any member of a law firm working on a condominium project had to understand the project and how it worked in order to ensure the documentation "fit" the project.

Greg's approach to the practice of condominium law was more innovative than any other condominium lawyer we know. He was not impressed by "that is how we have always done it", took an old-school, no-holds barred approach to practice, and continually looked for, and found, better ways of preparing condominium documents and processing condominium files.

Greg paid incredible attention to detail and utilized his broad knowledge of various areas of commercial law. He was an enormous resource to the firm, clients, and other professionals, always willing to share his advice, humour and expertise, particularly with difficult situations and questions. His willingness to share that knowledge with younger and less experienced lawyers was extremely valuable and he was always generous with his time.

Greg agreed to allow his name to remain as part of the firm name. We are grateful for this and proud to be allowed to do so.

He was a kind, empathetic and honourable friend, who always maintained positive and cordial working relationships with our lawyers, clerks and staff. His expertise, humour and leadership will be missed. Greg was instrumental in making our firm what it is today.


  • Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, JD, 1967
  • Waterloo Luthern University, BA

Professional Memberships

  • Law Society of Ontario, 1969